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Chloë Moretz Says Carrie Release Was Delayed To Make It "Scarier!"

We cannot wait to see Chloë Moretz carrie the rebooted Carrie, which looks terrifyingly good based on the trailer, but now we’re even more excited, as we just found out that Carrie‘s release date was extended to make it scarier.

In a recent interview, Chloë commented on pushing the film’s March release date back to the much spookier October:

“We actually prolonged the film, to be honest. We did some reshoots, and added three extra scenes with Julianne, and I to make the movie even deeper and darker. We prolonged a couple of scenes that needed to have an extra moment or an extra beat just to make it even deeper. It wasn’t about cutting anything out or trying to edit around things; it was about adding more to make the movie scarier and more intense.”

Looks like this remake may actually wind up exceeding the original’s scares!

For those of you not in the know about this film yet, Carrie seems like it’s going to be the horror version of Mean Girls, but imagine Lindsay Lohan going telekinetically cray cray at the Spring Fling in this twisted iteration!

Overall, October can’t come around soon enough (use your mind powers Chloë to bring it closer) , as we’re so excited to see terror of Carrie! Knowing Chloë, the movie is sure to Kick-Ass, too.

[Image via Michael GibsonEW.]

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